1545145_421432621321230_905663961_nEevahenna Aalto’s tapestries are strictly composed in a geometrically concrete language of shape. Large, simple overlapping shapes, -such as squares, circles and triangles, keep the composition tight and stabilize the surfaces. She thinks constructively, and she builds up her pictures with geometric logic, within a strict schemata. The compositions’ main element are the geometric shapes which divide up the surface. It is within this tension that the narrative takes place and the details unfold. The work is full of details, which can be figurative or ornamental. Here one can trace an expressive longing, a longing to relate and convey all the nuances, all the sides of a story.

Bjørg Heggstad Jakhelln
Artist and Cand.Philol. (History of Art)
Bodø, May 2, 1996